High Risk Merchant AccountsFast Approvals. Competitive Rates. Superb Service.

Looking for a high risk merchant account?
You’ve landed in the right spot. Dozypay specializes in high volume payment processing accounts for high risk merchants. All US and international high merchants are welcome to apply. Online payment Solution

  • Good Rates. Contact us today for a no-obligation rate comparison
    for best merchant account.
  • Quick Approvals. Customer friendly checkout process and Virtual
    terminal allows you to process online orders on time. Also pre approvals
    are done with in 4 hours.
  • Broad Banking Network. We have a large network of High Risk industries friendly
    acquiring banks from all over the globe.
  • High Volume Online Processing. Get the processing capacity you need to manage and grow
    your business. Big volume merchant accounts are our specialty we provide
    best merchant account for your e payment needs.
  • High Risk Echeck
    Boost orders from US shoppers 15-30%
    Use our Echeck e payments gateway. Start accepting orders online with
  • International E Payment
     Over 120 different “Country
    specific” payment methods increase sales from global Buyers up to 60%. 
  • PCI Compliance High Risk
    Payment Gateway. 
    Secure, compliant payment processing
    safeguards your business and your buyers. We offer PCI compliance solution
    for your High Risk Business Needs.
  • Trained Customer Service. Highly trained High Risk Expert customer service
    teamis dedicated to your success in high risk business category. Get the support
    you need when you want it. We provide complete support on Online Payment Processing,
    Online Credit Card Processing and Merchant account.
  • Customizable Fraud
    Fighting Tools. 
    Powerful fraud detection tools
    help you to accept good orders fast and decline fraudulent ones and set
    aside suspicious transactions for review.
  • Chargeback Prevention
    & Mitigation Services.
    chargebacks under control, It is not good for stability of merchant

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