Dozypay Secure Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway is the secure connected platform through which transactions are submitted to the banking channel for further authorisation, 

reporting and settlement. Our highly secure Payment Gateway system is used by High Risk businesses in the world.

  •   Level 1 PCI Compliance processing : Military grade encryption protects your business and your customers information’s. Dozypay provide fully compliance solution for all your High Risk Business needs.
  • High Volume Processing : Payment gateway preferred by high volume merchants who demand best processing experience and services. A Level technology provides all transaction throughput for most favourable processing outcomes.
  • High Risk Payment Gateway : Dozypay is a first choice when it comes to payment gateway choice for high risk merchants. Fraud protection, Volume balancing and other top class features protect High Risk Merchant Accounts and minimising processing risks.
  •  Cloud Reporting : Detailed customised reporting for quick view of all transactions. Extensive management reports of payment processing data in a variety of formats also provided.
  •   Multiple Merchant Accounts on a Single Gateway :  All accounts can be easily managed on CDC ( Central dashboard controls) powered by Dozypay Merchant Account services and Payment Gateway.
  •   International Payment Gateway: Both international and US merchants use the payment gateway. Processing in multi-Currency is included as a standard feature.
  • Volume Balancing : Automatically send incoming transactions to different – different processors or acquirers based on products, volumes and other functional criteria.
  • Recurring Payments : Dozypay ultimate customised recurring billing system make it easy for customers to pay you on a regular basis.
  • Fraud Protection Tools : Dozypay tools can quickly identify good & bad orders and decline fraudulent ones immediately. 
  • CRM / Shopping Carts : Dozypay Payment Gateway can be  integrated with major e payment CRM, accounting systems, and shopping carts.
  •  Secure Tiered Access : Keeps your business safe by enhancing internal security. Give access to employees only for the functions needed for their level.