Offshore Merchant Account From Dozypay

DozyPay  is a reputed name in providing Offshore Merchant Account Internationally. Due to having experience of more than 6 years in providing merchant services, we have earned huge reputation from our worldwide merchants. Our experienced team of merchant services assists you throughout the merchant account process right from the beginning of merchant account service to merchant account grant.

We have gained the trust of our worldwide clients with our customer-centered approach, 24×7 supports & our quick Merchant service. We are not only providing payment solutions to Country specific merchants but also making satisfied with our easy, secure and reliable merchant account to worldwide merchants who come from Singapore, UK, Australia, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia etc. With our Offshore Merchant Account, you can accept payments through credit card, debit card from your clients globally.

Why You Need An Offshore Merchant Account?

If you are providing your services or products out of the registered business country and want to accept credit card, debit card payments online through your website then you have to set up a secure and reliable Offshore Merchant Account.

DozyPay provides such type of merchant account to the businesses that need it. We are also managing chargeback ratio and risk ratio associated with international payment processing because of most of the merchants aware of the risk associated with offshore payments.

How to Setup An Offshore Merchant Account?

  1. Apply Online: If you are looking to set up an offshore merchant account, Click here to apply with DozyPay HighRisk Gateway.
  2. Get Quick Quotation: After applying you will receive an email or call from our professional team which will explain the entire process. And they will also send you a quotation.
  3. Approval of Account: If you will agree with quotation they will approve your account.
  4. Start Accepting Payments: After approval, you have to integrate the payment gateway into your website. And start accepting payments from your merchants Globally.