An Overview of International Merchant Account


The Company has been established to support high risk & start-ups businesses who are tired of expensive, poor-quality merchant services. Our mission is very simple, to provide secure and reliable international merchant account to accept credit card payments from there worldwide clients with fraud protection. This is quite easy and effective with chargeback management through the customers.

We provide our services to high-risk business like adult businesses, tech support, online gaming, pharmaceutical, forex trading IPTV, and many more.

Benefits of International Merchant Account

Our international merchant account is going to generate with some exclusive elementary financial help. Rather we can say it as a perfect payment solution providing with an ability to accept credit card payments from the consumers globally.  We generate a perfect e-commerce solution through which merchants can accept payments from more than 120 currencies along with fraud protection.

Why International Merchant Account from DozyPay?

We provided merchant services to internet-based business which allows the user to transact over the internet for any of the buying and selling processes. The merchants can also obtain a virtual terminal service from DozyPay to provide with the perfect transaction through the necessary software.

Our service is facilitated to online businesses that would help in the collection of payments from customers. You can accept payments with net banking, credit card, and debit cards. This is considered to be an intermediary to assemble with best options like online payments being offered by various banks, cash, and even international brands.

  • Our services are extended to a wide scope relating to merchant bank even though the merchant ends up with paying higher transaction fees.
  • With our service, there are no currency issues and processing done from any currency to other without any delay or any kind of normal transaction problems.
  • This is done with perfect installation into the system, up and working for the clients.

    For more details you can take a look at Dozypay Blog.